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Husband: Daniel Walker Home: Lubbock, TX

Josie Walker Owner, SeekingSitters Lubbock, Amarillo, Fort Worth, and Austin

Stay at Home Mom in Austin Starts Babysitting Business Franchise

Josie and Daniel Walker are the proud new franchise owners of the SeekingSitters Austin location! Josie was raised in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and attended Texas Tech University studying Human Development and Family Studies, where Josie later met her husband, Daniel. Daniel was born and raised in the Lubbock area where he has developed his skills in marketing and business management.

Josie always knew she wanted to spend more time with her children, but did not want to stop working. After using SeekingSitters for their own family, they jumped at the chance to own the business when the opportunity arose. With SeekingSitters' flexible schedule, Josie and Daniel are able to be more involved with their children's activities while still providing for their family. With the majority of their friends expanding their families, they can't wait to share what SeekingSitters has to offer with them as well as the rest of the Austin and surrounding communities!

Josie and Daniel look forward to growing SeekingSitters in the Austin communities and can't wait to share the safest and most reliable sitting service with everyone they possibly can!

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